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“[Sophie] might have been born a decade too late to be a New Romantic, but she’s bang on time to start the revival.”

- Maddy Costa

“Sharp-suited surefire future pop sensation” Sophie Mahon brings a form of escapism and a palpable new romantic shimmer that is somewhat lacking in today’s cynical 21st Century maelstrom of plastic pop. Sophie takes inspiration from her Eighties New Wave influences Roxy Music, Duran Duran and David Bowie “but far from being a mere pastiche of bigger-haired times, [Sophie’s] music is fresh, urgent
and oddly moving” - Seymour Quigley.
Like her heroes, Sophie also has a strong awareness of the bigger picture - putting her creative skills into the artwork, music videos, fashion and production of her music and brand.

Sophie’s band (Sophie Mahon & The Ready Mades) have played gigs at Bearded Theory Festival, The Hope & Anchor, The Portland Arms, Norwich Art Centre, and The John Peel Centre. Sophie and her Ready Mades have supported 80s legends The Blow Monkeys and The Wendy James Band. They have also recently been nominated for ‘Best Alternative Artist’ at The NMG Awards.

Sophie has two E.P’s under her belt: ‘Xenon Nights - Dusk’ (2018) and ‘Xenon Nights - Dawn’ (2019), as well as her debut album ‘Xenon Nights’ which was released in November 2020. The track “The Beautiful And The Damned” was chosen as BBC Introducing In Suffolk’s track of the week. Sophie’s music is regularly supported by BBC Introducing in Suffolk and Norfolk, gaining live sessions as well as radio plays, including many other radio stations around East Anglia.
The band’s second album “Bogart’s Eyes”, inspired by the icon Humphrey Bogart, was released on 1st October and the singles ‘In A Lonely Place’ and ‘Bogart’s Eyes’ are receiving very good feedback. The latter has already reached over 7.5k streams on Spotify.

A relative late comer, Sophie did not pick up a guitar until she was eighteen having stumbled across Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music whose layering and artistic outlook inspired her to take the plunge. Sophie had up until this point been in the process of following in her parents footsteps and joining the Royal Navy. Needless to say, Sophie made the decision to leave the Royal Navy after six months training, feeling that life was too short to not do what she enjoyed.


Sophie completed an Artist Development course at Access to Music which has seen the likes of luminaries such as Ed Sheeran, Let’s Eat Grandma and Mullally.

“[Sophie’s] sound and style are heavily influenced by the 80s, but her songwriting skills and passionate playing make her much more than a novelty act.” - Richard Haugh, BBC Suffolk.

Sophie Mahon takes a flesh and blood approach to her influences...what cannot be denied is that she has a musical talent that has potential to shine outside of any niche. - The Electricity Club

“Refreshing to hear something as innovative in today’s modern sound, the nostalgic presence of Night Circus is coated in originality. Armed with a distinctive voice and layers of individuality, Sophie is proving she’s one to watch with her strong sound.” - Moggblog

The rich and luscious sounds on Sophie Mahon‘s ‘Bogart’s Eyes’... transports one to the eighties: there is a palpable new romantic shimmer and an incandescent glow. You cannot help but think of it being a counterpart to ‘Bette Davis Eyes’ by Kim Carnes, with dollops of a Bryan Ferry/Roxy Music creamy production shine. Sweeping strings add a cinematic widescope tone and Mahon’s voice is velvet soft
and sparkling. A subtle and sleek saxophone adds a louche air. - Backseat Mafia

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