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Welcome to the world of Stick Dogs!

Hand made cards with a little bit of character.

Stick Dog started off as a little doodle, of a dog we used to own called Timmy. Timmy was a wonderful desert dog we rescued (a Saluki crossed with god knows what), when we lived in Dubai. I drew him in my Mum's birthday cards to make her laugh; he adored her and she loved him to bits.

We lost him quite a few years ago but he still appears in cards regularly.

Mum told me to turn them into greetings here we are. Always do as your mother tells you.

To keep up with new designs, please follow my social media pages: 

Instagram - @stick.dogs
   Facebook - @stickdogs

Stick Dog 5 general pack.JPG

I now take commissions for personalised cards - names, specific animals, a Stick Dog version of your pet, or anything you can think of! Dm me on social media or email me at the address below for more information

If you would like a pack of one specific design, or have any questions, please contact me on my social media pages or my email -

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