The Ready Mades and I are currently hard at work on our second album - "Bogart's Eyes", which yes if you have guessed it, is inspired by the Hollywood icon that was Humphrey Bogart. It is still in it's early stages but we are extremely proud of it already!

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There will also be a "Humpday Bogart Special" every Wednesday, where I talk about the album, the idea behind it and the songs, as well as rambling about Bogie in-between. 
Click here to see more:

"Humpday Bogart Special"

Big thank you to the Arts Council England

for giving me a National Lottery Project Grant, and thanks to Dawn Firth-Godbehere, Richard Firth-Godbehere

and Jorja Chalmers for all the hard work that's already going into the next album.

New Wave artist Sophie Mahon and her band the Ready Mades bring escapism and romanticism back from the 80s into the present day.

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Suffolk, United Kingdom

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