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I have always loved dogs. They were an obsession since I could talk, which included drawing them...a lot. I still love them and I am owned by two Sealyham Terriers. I have turned back to my old love of drawing dogs and luckily the skill hasn't left me.

I paint or draw commissions of peoples' beloved pooches (and other pets - cats, horses, rabbits etc) in either acrylic paint or graphite pencil.

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  Facebook - @smdogportraits
Instagram - @smdogportraits

A3 painting - £120

A3 drawing - £140 

A4 painting - £100

A4 drawing - £120 

[+ £40 for each additional pet on same page] 

I do all commissions on either A3 or A4 190gsm cartridge paper, which look great in a mounted frame.

*I ask for a 50% deposit before I start and then the rest when the painting/drawing is finished. 

*I will need a minimum of 2 weeks to complete a portrait. Obviously, the more time I have the better, so a month or more is preferable.

To book a commission and for more information, you can email me at:

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